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Scrappy log cabin! A keeper!

(below) Three floral bargello runners have been added to the Runner’s page!

  Sold.“Filly” is a recent finish.  More details on “Wall Hangings and Runners” page.

Wall hanging for sale! See “Wall Hanging and Runners” page!

Just finished these scrappy quilts!  My grandgirl thinks they’d make wonderful wall hangings. You decide! Scroll down for more info.

“Pop Rocks” quilt for sale!  Scroll down for more info.

This one I call Leftovers because it’s made with all leftover batik blocks from previous projects.  For more info and photos, scroll down.

About me...

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I’m Karla Borglum Santoro.  I’ve been married to Mark for 35 years.  We have two grown children and two grandgirls.  So lucky am I the grands live close by.   Our farmette includes four miniature horses, 10 chickens, dogs (a puppy is joining us in Sept!) and a cat. Chores keep me busy.

I’m also a reader, writer, photographer, kayaker, AND quilter.  A fun full plate.

In June 2020 (hasn’t this been a fun year!) I retired from teaching.  After teaching adults, juniors, seniors, 6th, 5th, and lastly 1st graders, for 30 years, it was time to rearrange the things on that plate.  My AIR (after I retire) list includes working on selling my quilted pieces.  Craft shows were my plan, but that isn’t going to happen for awhile.  So, developing a website is the next idea. And here it is.

Quilting started in 1996.  Well, in 1978, a college roommate, introduced me to the whole idea with Churn blocks, but we were sewing by hand, and truthfully, my energy level doesn’t abide by sitting still.  (If I have to hand sew a binding, I stand up when I do it.)

Why does this hobby bring so much joy, I have pondered.  At the start, I believe it was the only place in my life where all the decisions were mine.  Pattern, fabrics, quilting, and what happened to the piece. That’s big when one’s life phase includes raising kids, working, and keeping the house livable. A creative outlet is certainly a joyful experience.  I stole moments to quilt.

My patterns and tastes are varied.  Traditional to modern, pieced to applique, straight line quilting to wild free motion quilting, quilts to pillows, Talk-About Books to bookmarks.  I love it all. 

Favorite fabrics are batiks, florals, Kansas Troubles, solids, black and whites, and kid themed.  I love bright.  I love soft.

Some favorite old time patterns are Log Cabin, Triple Irish Chain, Bargello, and  Jacob’s Ladder variations.  But there are so many more. 

My stash is bountiful.  It’s so true, one can collect fabric quicker than one can sew quilts.  A retirement goal is to use it all up.  I have a ways to go, but I have just begun.

I am blessed to have a room for a quilting studio.  It’s small, but has everything I need.  One machine, a cutting table, a design wall, my stash, and bins of scraps under tables. My happy place.

Once the website is up and running, I’ll start a page to show works in progress. And I’ll share a stories and pictures from the homestead. 

I welcome your questions and comments. 

Quilts for Sale

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If interested in a quilt, please email me from the contact page.

Honeycomb Quilt! I fell in love with these fabrics and the pattern.  It seemed a tricky one to make, but ended up being easy.

Pattern is from a book called Simple Treasures by Anka’s Treasures. Heather Peterson is the designer.  She also designed the fabrics–Wildflower Bouquet.

Susan Wissick, from Oh My Alpacas Fiber Art and Stitchery quilted it. Such a playful motif!

About 50″ by 67″.

$300, includes shipping.

Honeycomb Quilt in florals! This is a result of pondering “what if” when I made the first one.  And I love it! 

Pattern is from a book called Simple Treasures by Anka’s Treasures. Heather Peterson is the designer.

Susan Wissick, from Oh My Alpacas Fiber Art and Stitchery quilted it. I love the playfulness of the motif.

About 50″ by 67″.

$300, includes shipping.

Honeycomb quilt for a baby!  40″ by 49″  I quilted this one with happy daisies, leaves, and dots. Love that backing fabric.

I quilted this one with daisies, leaves and dots.

The binding was tricky on the inside corners at the zigzag ends, but I like how it came out.

$225, includes shipping.

Leftovers!  Perfect name for a quilt made of leftover batik blocks from various projects. It was a delightful challenge to get them all together with background fabric–which is a flowered off white batik. Back is a gold batik. Check out the flange binding.

I’ve found this is a love it, or don’t love it quilt.  I don’t love it; my quilter loves it.  Ha ha! She feels it’s art, and said it’s one of her favorites of mine. My dil feels it should be a wall hanging. Who knew?!

Quilting is perfect–and pulls it all together. It was done by Susan Wissick at Oh My Alpacas Fiber Art and Stitchery.

Top was about 55″ by 59″, I haven’t measured again after quilting.  


New quilt ready!  This is called Pop Rocks, a pattern by Kacia Hosmer, published by Modern Patchwork.  I knew I wanted to make it. Another color theme is playing in my head.

Color wise, what looks a bit beige/gray is actually a beautiful soft gray–Kona Shadow.

Quilting is perfect for this pattern–and was done by Susan Wissick at Oh My Alpacas Fiber Art and Stitchery.

Back has a map to add to the fun!

52″ by 67″


This Triple Barn Star, by Amy Gibson, was great fun to make.  It’s all Kansas Troubles fabrics in there.
Beautiful back!
Flange binding!
Approx 69″ square.
Quilting was done by Susan Wissick at Oh My Alpacas Fiber Art and Stitchery; thread color is a the perfect gold.

This is a black and white splash quilt!  This one is 36″ by 46″.

I quilted flowers and loops, but it’s hard to see with all those patterns.




There’s nothing quite as happy as a scrappy log cabin. This one was made from leftover blocks from the log cabin I kept. 

Susan Wissick quilted bees all over it, which was perfect for all the florals on the front and the bees on the back.


Charm Fun!  A Charm pack and some matching solids are sure to bring some fun in the studio! 

Charm Fun is 39″ by 47″.  It’s free motion quilted with big flowers, leaves and loops.  A scrappy binding is the perfect finish. 


Charm Fun in a smaller version, 31″ by 31″.  Close up of quilting included, and a photo of the back. Scrappy binding make a fun finish.


Scrappy batik quilt or wall hanging.

37″ Gentle wave quilting.

No hanging sleeve.


Scrappy, wonky, log cabin!
Baby quilt or wall hanging?
37″ square. Gentle wavy quilting.

No hanging sleeve.


Here’s a pretty scrappy log cabin! Love these colors so much, I made two. One was gifted.
This is a lap quilt, about 46″ by 56″. 
There are lovely swirls quilted on it by Susan Wissick of Oh My Alpacas. The motif is called Silver.

Global Migration.  This pattern is from Make Modern magazine.  Anne Reimer is the designer.

The colors represent Earth’s waters, soils, and vegetation. The pop of gold reminds the viewer the sun helps with it all. 

58″ by 58″ Free motion quilted, densely. Flowers, leaves, pebbles in Earth, wavy lines in corners. Flange binding.  There are many hours in this sweet piece.


Scrap Paths.  This pattern is a favorite (I’ve made four now), and it’s a free one!  Just search for “Strippy, scrappy, flippy, happy” and you’ll land in a blog with the info. (I tried to make a helpful button, but it didn’t work.)

Scrap Paths is 43″ by 52″.  It is straight-line quilted. Binding is machine sewn.


Happily Boxed In. This is another just playing around design.  There are many just like it.

The fabric collection was saved for the perfect pattern, and this fit.

This quilt is 41″ by 49″.  It’s free motion quilted with big flowers, leaves and loops. Pink binding. So much fun.

$ 275

Happily Boxed In #2.  A pink, then green border gives this one a different look. I love the cream binding.  And a pink back finishes this one. Size is 41″ by 50″.

Same free motion quilting as above.


This delightful pattern is called Plaid-ish.  It’s a free pattern by Kitchen Table Quilting.  I used many scraps in this one, which was great fun!

Size is 43″ by 63″.  Free motion quilting includes daisies, leaves, and big loops/pebbles in gold thread.There are pretty orange florals on the back.


Here’s another Plaid-ish quilt in scraps.  I wanted to see what would happen if I added more florals.  Love the look.  

This quilt is 43″ by 53″.  (A row shorter than the above quilt.) It’s free motion quilted with big daisies, leaves and loops/ large pebbles in green thread. 

Pretty sunflower back.



I call this one Seaside. I found the pattern in a magazine, I’ll have to search about and add details. 

It’s 46″ by 53″ and is made with beautiful batik fabrics (except the back).  Karen Miller, of Red Bird Quilt Co, quilted a panto on it using her long arm machine.  I wanted the look of swirling waters, and it came out perfectly.


Jane’s Ladder is a wonderful pattern for Charm packs.  It’s a free design by Woodberry Way for Moda Bake Shop. I’ve made two so far, and will certainly make more.

This one is 38″ by 46″.  It’s free motion quilted with big ole swirls. The back is flannel, and the binding is perfectly scrappy.


Dragonfly Lane is made with H(alf)S(quare)T(riangles).  The black and white has dragonflies.   The colors were arranged light moving to dark, using colors one might find on a dragonfly.

Size is 30.5″ by 37. Dragonflies are free motion quilted on.  The “how-to” came from Lori Kennedy.


This cool pattern is called Piece Love.  I found it from the Midnight Quilt Show by Angela Walters. So much fun to make. The heart fabrics are Poems from Pebbles by Moda, designed by Malka Dubrawsky.  Beautiful!  Dianne Miller, from Carriage House Quilts in Naples, NY did the quilting.  The heart part has swirls, while straight-line quilting fills in the outer section. 

A panel, with added borders makes the very special back.  I love using panels for backs–it makes it unique and reversible.  

Size is 68.5″ by 77.5″. $575

The floral fabric in this Triple Irish Chain is one I didn’t want to cut into little pieces.  TIC is a go-to pattern in that case. The first photo shows blocks on the design wall.  The second shows the top only laid out, and the last shows the back, the quilting, and the pretty green binding. Quilting was done by  Dianne Miller, owner of Carriage House Quilts in Naples, NY.  

This 64″ by 84″ quilt is perfect for someone who loves to be surrounded by flowers.


Mirage is a modern pattern by Yvonne from Quilting Jet Girl.  I just had to make it.   Look closely at the background fabric–the gray has white lines alternating direction. Love it.

The piece is free motion quilted on the outside of the design, and straight-line quilted on the inside.

The back is an adorable snow scene–just in case this is used as a baby quilt.

This 36″ by 44.5″ piece would also make a lovely wall hanging.


This is a Talk-About Quilt. All scrap fabrics are used to make blocks, and the kid-themed ones often go in a Talk-About Quilt.  The quilt gives kids and their families lots to talk about, thus building vocabulary.  When stories are told, imagination takes flight.  One can even play classification games by finding matching fabrics.  Some blocks have a piece of flannel, for some soft textile touches.

This 33.5″ square quilt is densely quilted with swirls and has a machine sewn binding.  The back gives kiddos even more to talk about!


Here’s another Talk-About Quilt. The blocks give babies and their families so much to talk about, which builds vocabulary and imagination. 

This one has very loose, simple free motion quilting, and a hand sewn binding.  Cute kitties cover the back.

35″ square.  $120

Modern Baby Quilt. 


a modern wall hanging.

You decide.

Lots of fancy quilting on this one.

Size is 38.5″ square.


Puddles is a quilt, or a wall hanging.  You decide!

I created this pattern, and made it in two different colorways.  The other is on a wall in the bedroom the grandgirls claimed. 

Very wildly quilted.  I divided it into three sections and there’s something different in each one.

35.5″ square.


I call this one Galaxy.  It has cool quilting on it – inside the stars. What a wonderful place for a baby to have some tummy time!

30″ by 30″