A few of the pieces I have kept or gifted...

The delightful pattern is Scrappy Quarter Cabin by Christina Cameli. It is so much fun to make!  After this one, I made two in all floral fabrics (see for sale page). This one was gifted to a friend.  It’s bigger than the original pattern since I added a column and row.

Susan Wissick, from Oh My Alpacas Fiber Art and Stitchery did the overall quilting.

Here’s a new idea–making a quilt with blocks from a panel, and the blocks are all different sizes!  After some advice from fellow quilters, I added borders to all blocks until they were 14.5″ square. I knew the log cabin blocks I love to make are 7.5″, so four of those would equal one horse block. Perfect!  And the back–my gosh, such a gorgeous piece. Once finished, I knew the person who would appreciate it the most is my equine vet–so it was gifted to her.

Susan Wissick, from Oh My Alpacas Fiber Arts did the overall quilting.

There’s a new granddaughter coming our way in July!  Our first two grands are 10 minutes away, and the next will be 8 hours away. I’ll need to learn how to do the grandma thing from a distance. Many books have already been sent, and of course quilts need to be made. The baby’s room is a pretty navy blue, so here’s what I came up with.


My farrier has been trimming my horses for 18 years. He spends many days with his grandbabies.

  I thought they could use a Talk-About Quilt.

Back to Nature by Wing and a Prayer. King for my son and wonderful dil.  She picked the colors.

My dear friend, Jane O’Clair, custom quilted it. Amazing.

This Triple Barn Star (pattern by Amy Gibson), was given to my dear friend, Lisa in Dec 2020. I patched a back with many things she loves. About 69″ square. 

Lisa came with me to see Susan at Oh My Alpacas Fiver Art, to choose quilting motif, thread color, and batting. Fun!

If you love it, there’s one for sale on the home page.

Floral Log Cabin.  Quilted by Jill Tobin. Sold.

This Filly quilt uses pieces from many patterns. The background is from one, the filly from another, and the flowers, birds and sun from others.

I was scared to attempt free motion quilting it;  I gave it a try, and it worked.

This hangs in my studio for encouragement. 

I’ll be making more–smaller versions.

This pattern is called Book Nerd; it’s by Angela Pingel. The first time I saw it, my eyes lit up, then I read it was paper pieced, so I said no. The second time I saw it, my eyes lit up, then I read it was pp and I said no. The third time, I decided it was a sign I was supposed to bite the bullet and jump on the learning curve. I’m so glad I did.

Free motion quilting it was a scary thought, but I slowly made my way and got her done.  I love it. But no way could I part with it. I’ll make more.

This was my second scrappy log cabin.  How I love them. It took many turns of the blocks to decide on a final lay-out.  The blue star and corners made this THE ONE! 

Karen Miller of Redbird Quilting Co free motion quilted it on her long arm. I’m so pleased to have a quilt with some of her amazing art.

I love using panels for backs. Keeps things interesting.

Triple Irish Chains made with Girly Girl fabric. Sister quilts for my amazing grand girls.

I loved this fabric so much, they got ragged flannels with it too.

Three flannels.  The first (All Bundled Up by Thimble Blossoms) for my dil who loves seasonal things. The second from scraps for my grands. And the third a scrappy ragged for my husband.  It was many weeks in flannel!

Indian Summer for my daughter. She was in med school in a city at the time, and mentioned she missed the country.  I thought this would help.

Once my daughter gave the okay signal, I had to make a quilt for my future son-in-law. (He’s now been our son-in-law for 7 years.)  his favorite color is blue, so I used it in the background for this simple, yet classy log cabin pattern found in Judy’s Martin’s book.

This pattern is called “A Walk in the Park” I think. It was made years ago. My dil loved it so much, I gifted it to her at her bridal shower. I look forward to making another.

These are a couple of keepers.  The first is called Garden Lane by Patchworks Studio; it’s the second one I’ve made. The second is a scrappy log cabin before it was finished. 

First pictured are two floral log cabin runners that were gifted to a wonderful volunteer in my classroom, and for an aide who made teaching so much easier.

The second is a floral bargello wall hanging.  I kept that one.

A few more scrappy quilts.  I adore this pattern. The first I made from leftovers from the Floral Triple Irish Chain on the for sale page. I had to keep it. The second is a custom quilt I did for a friend who wanted a quilt to gift to his brother who was going to be a daddy.

Silvia’s Sonnet by Silvia Vassileva for P&B Textiles has been one of my favorite lines. I loved it so much, I made two quilts for friends, one to donate, and two for me.  Here are the two for me. 

I love having them on the bed at the same time. A new fad–to have two quilts from the same fabric line together on the bed. Ha ha.  

Notice the pieced back.

Dianne Miller from Carriage House Quilts did the quilting.

This one, using Silvia’s Sonnet fabrics, was gifted to my friend, Angie.

Pieced backs are fun.

Civil War quilt for my husband. He never seemed to want his own quilt, until I mentioned there are Civil War reproduction fabrics and patterns.  Being a Civil War nut, that got his attention.  

Dianne Miller from Carriage House Quilts quilted it.

Here we have first a barn quilt with photos of some of my horses in the barns! This pattern was seen in a Fons and Porter magazine, and I did some research to find it.  This hangs in my studio–and will always. So many of my favorite things here: quilts, barns, horses. Dianne Miller did the custom quilting.

#2 is a woods I made for my husband.  Jane O’Clair changed thread color 6 times to get it just right.

#3 is a scrappy denim top I made for an old tablecloth my mother had. She loved barns too. 

This is Stacked Stones by Wing and a Prayer.  It was love at first sight. As I posted photos of progress on IG, I was asked if it was for sale, so I made three. One sold, one gifted, and this is the keeper.  The others are gone–wish I’d taken a photo of all three, but they looked almost identical.

Love the quilting ideas I got from the FB group Free Motion Quilting Frenzy.  See the pebbles at the bottom?

And I love the scrappy binding.

There are plans are to make more!

Here we have a Friendship Star quilt I made for my very loved grandmother. She loved to talk quilting with me.  I’d visit her weekly with new fabrics, patterns, and ideas to discuss.  I even gave some quilt shows at her assisted living residence in her honor.

The second is a boy version of Jane’s Ladder.  Sold.

The last is one I call Sunny Day. Kept it.

Here’s another Paisley Splash I made for my dil’s dear friend. Sara had just purchased her first home and was expecting her first baby. Good reasons to celebrate with a wall hanging of her favorite animal.

At last count, I’ve made 22 ragged flannels.  I kept the first little practice one, and gave the rest away.  They make a perfect “Hug-to-go.”