Wall Hangings and Runners

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How about a beautiful snowflake for winter decorating?

These are about 30″ by 36″.

Lots of swirly free motion quilting in there.


Here’s a wildflower bouquet for your wall! Never needs watering and no petals will fall.

About 36″ square. Hanging sleeve attached!


Here’s another wildflower bouquet!  Not a flower will wilt, and no pollen dust either.

About 36″ square. Hanging sleeve attached!


I do have others that aren’t posted. Ask for pictures if interested. 
Three floral bargello runners just finished!
The photos don’t quite do them justice, so I added some close ups.
Backs are all different–all florals.
$60 each

Fairy Houses!  This wall hanging, or quilt, is full of imaginative play. There are fairies cut from Girly Girl fabric, and flowers, appliqued onto this batik filled piece.

There is Wild free motion quilting on there.

No hanging sleeve. Sorry! 

36″ by 39″  $125

This one has a new home!

Fairy Houses #2!  This one is a bit smaller, but just as much fun.

Quilting is wild and free–full of leaves, vines, swirls, daisies, and toothpaste swirls!  It was great fun to quilt what I thought fairies needed.

Fairy House #3

This one has no applique, but there are gorgeous flowers leading to every door.

Many leaves are quilted in to offer shade and seclusion.

This one has a hanging sleeve.

It’s 21.5″ by 32″


“Leaves” is my latest finish (Oct 23, 2020).  Applique on a green scrappy background.  Just lovely. Calming and joyful. 

24″ by 36″, a perfect wall hanging size.  And yes, there’s a beautiful sleeve on the back.



“Filly” was a joy to work on.  It took longer due to the addition of a puppy, but the finish is perfect.  Lots of quilting, many thread color changes. 

24″ by 36″  Hanging sleeve on there.

Elephant Play.  This is another free pattern I found called Paisley Splash.  I made some changes, of course. The elephants were created from several fabrics. The quilting is wild free motion, and check out the border.

This 41″ by 48.5″ piece has a lot of work into it. Joyful work.


Floral Log Cabin #1

These are made with 1.5″ floral strips, and 1″ light strips. Each piece is decided on individually to catch the water color effect.  Once 50 or more blocks are made, I then decide which should go together and how to arrange them.

The quilting is dense.

No hanging sleeve.

30.75″ by 31″



Floral Log Cabin #2

These are made with 1.5″ floral strips, and 1″ light strips. Each piece is decided on individually to catch the water color effect.  Once 50 or more blocks are made, I then decide which should go together and how to arrange them.

This one has a color change happening! That was interesting color play.

The quilting is dense.

Floral Log Cabin #3

These are made with 1.5″ floral strips, and 1″ light strips. Each piece is decided on individually to catch the water color effect.  Once 50 or more blocks are made, I then decide which should go together and how to arrange them.

This one went to the blues.

The quilting is dense.

No hanging sleeve.

30.5″ square


Floral Bargello runner!
These are so much fun to make. And so much fun to have on a table;  like having a bouquet that never withers.
Gentle breezy quilting to help the movement.
14.5″ by 41″

 The photo is so big, a close-up wasn’t needed.


This piece is made with Half Square Triangle blocks.  There are an endless way to arrange them.

It’s made with all batik fabrics. 

Hanging sleeve is on there.  Simple in the ditch quilting.

27.75″ square   $45

SOLD! And another HST piece made with batiks. They draw you right in, don’t they?  Just so wonderful to look at.

This one is 28.25″ square.  Hanging sleeve on there.


Here’s a baby HST piece. It’s just 19.5″ square.

Straight line quilting.

Simple sleeve.


And another runner with the Wildflower fabrics. A simple, classic, modern look. 

Daisies and loops fill the quilting.

Check out that pretty back.

Size is 16.25″ by 41″


Another classic, modern look with a different color theme. Very wild fun quilting on this one.

The back photo is the fabric on this piece, but that’s not an actual photo of this piece.  Seems I forgot to take one, but it’s one of my favorite orange florals. So pretty.

Size is 14.5″ by 41″


#1  This runner is made with the gorgeous Wildflower line.  Blue and yellow play so nicely together.

Quilting is leafy vines. Back is beautiful too!

Size is 20″ by 44″


#2 And a second in this pattern.

This one is also whimsically quilted.  

The background is a beautiful fabric with birds.

Size is 19.75″ by 43.25″


Here is a Rainbow Forest of Birch trees.  The idea for this quilt came from Amanda Jean Nyberg’s pattern called Birch Trees. It’s improv.

Quilting is simple loops because it gets lost in the background.

Such a happy quilt to look at and wonder about the possibilities.

Size is 12″ by 44.5″


Earthy batik wall hanging #1. I love these so much, I have one over the bed. Earthy batiks are some of my favorite fabrics.  My new curved templates were great fun to play with! 

There is a lot of different quilting motifs on this.  All free hand. There’s a sleeve–it’s a quick one- not fancy.

Size is  22″ by 49.5″


Earthy batik wall hanging #2

Some beautiful batiks make this just stunning, and the varied free motion quilting makes it all that much more fun to look at.

Size is 22″ by 49.5″



And here’s a wee Earthy piece. It’s still filled with wild free motion quilting.

Size is 17″ square. There’s a hanging sleeve.


This cool Boxed pattern was found in a magazine years ago. I’d give the designer credit, if I could find the issue. I’ll keep looking.

Beautiful batiks make this very colorful wall hanging. There is some fancy free motion quilting in there, too. I love it so much, there’s one hanging on my wall over the computer where I am right now.

A border would never have worked on this piece, so I learned how to face a project. It came out perfectly.

Sleeve is attached.

24.5″ by 33″  $75

SOLD But I have two left. Ask to see pictures.

Here’s a festive improv Christmas tree forest!  I can’t wait to make more of these. Improv is so liberating and refreshing.  Note: the spotty parts are the sun interfering with my camera.  Promise.

It took a while for me to decide on how to quilt these.  Then I thought of snowflakes. I’m sure something on my online search triggered the idea. Perfect! 

The border sets the scene beautifully. Happy sigh.

23.5″ by 31.5″ Hanging sleeve included.


SOLD  I have several more. Ask for pictures. 

And a smaller version of a Christmas tree forest.

Snowflakes quilted in there, and a hanging sleeve is attached.

Size is 13″ by 27.75″


A shadow project in rainbow! A reminder of God’s promises.

When I was a teacher, I told my students I wanted to get this accurate, so had to include an indigo square.  We then had to change our  before-Art-chant to Me: “read orange yellow!” Students: “Green, blue, INDIGO, violet!”  Very important. Haha.

There is some wild free motion quilting happening on here.

Sleeve attached.

11.25″ by 51.5″  $50


Straight Shadows.  This shadow piece is made from Poems from Pebbles fabric.

This piece is minimally quilted, to let the blocks stand out.

Sleeve attached.

24.75″ by 25″

Dancing Shadows.  Here’s another shadow piece with Poems from Pebbles fabric, but the blocks are dancing. 

Minimally quilted to let the blocks shine.

Sleeve attached.

25″ by 28.25″


Ripples.  This is one bright, happy fun Half Square Triangle piece!

Straight line quilting. Minimal sleeve–but it’s there. One of my favorite fabrics on the back.

28.5″ square.


This wee piece is made of leftover blocks from playing with patterns from the book Hill and Valley Log Cabins by Robert DeCarli.

I’d made a bigger piece, but traded it with a friend for some long arm quilting.

I put a lot of quilting into this one.

Size is 19.5″ square.


Black and White Splash is what I call this colorway.  One year I made each of my students a square–like is in here.  I told them the black and whites represent the mundane of life but the splashes are what makes life joyful–so embrace those moments.

Quilting is squared spirals!

23.25″ by 41″


Another Black and White Splash, I call Into the Borders. That was tricky to do.

Straight line quilting.

Hanging sleeve!

16.5″ by 41.25″



Shadows in Blues

These were made the summer I played with shadow pieces.  Beautiful batiks. Fun free motion quilting.


Shadows in Ocean

Another pretty shadow effect piece. This one has dark blue shadows.

Fun free motion quilting.

Hanging sleeve on there.

Shadows in Purple

This one has that grape festival feel.  Fun quilting!

I didn’t make note if there’s a sleeve!  I’ll check.

10″ by 35.5″



Pinwheel Play!

I saw this idea somewhere and had to try it. Such a fun quilt.

No sleeve.
22.5″ by 30.75″

Morning Glory Runner

This is the last one of 14 of this style made. 

13″ by 40″


Farm Scene #1 and #2

These are panels with borders added. Both have hanging sleeves.

#1 has a bargello like border. 20.5″ by 22.5″

#2 pretty blue floral border  21.25″ by 23″

Each $25

Sunshine table topper.

I love this pattern.What bright happy piece.

No sleeve.

21.5″ square.


Little Triangle Dance

This is a table topper.  I almost like the back fabric more than the front! One of my favorite happy florals.

23″ square.